Policies & Standards

Why You Can Trust Sikamaster Loans

Sikamaster Loans is proud to be part of The DCANS Group.


Mission Statement

The Sikamaster Loans mission statement was updated in 2020, and is proudly displayed at the entrance to our working spaces, and embossed on the walls of our main office space. We aim to be the best and most trusted place for loans and credit. Made by people who dare to challenge. Made for people who want clarity in an uncertain world. We take you to the heart of the space that shape our world. These are our core values:

• We are bold and blunt

• We have a competitive spirit that drives us to be first and best

• We earn trust by behaving with integrity

• We embrace technology, and are pioneers and innovators

• We celebrate success together


Ethics policy

We believe that our reputation as a finance organisation is our most valuable asset, so it is vital that our service delivery is always of the highest quality.

Whether borrowing, applying for equity funding or learning from our free materials, or reading our apps and web services, anyone consuming Sikamaster should have confidence that their funding is from a credible and reliable source.

Financial Services in Ghana has never been under greater scrutiny, and that's why every staff working for Sikamaster Loans must understand the legal and regulatory framework in which we operate and our own in-house guidelines and practices.

We know that social media plays an increasingly important role in our daily working lives and it is important that we apply the same standards to all of our content on whichever platform we share it. Ownership and funding Sikamaster Loans is a financially independent part of The DCANS Group. Our parent company has guaranteed current funding levels.



We do not tolerate racism of any kind.

Useful info

Sikamaster, is a 24/7*365 well-capitalised internet first, forward-thinking, safe, robust, resilient, smart and responsible direct lender for the working class (we don't lend to unemployed). SML is not; a microfinance institution, and neither a savings & loans company or a Specialised Deposit-taking Institution (SDI) of any form, kind or type. SML does not seek and/or accept outside capital. SML does not charge any upfront fees before lending.

Rolling out a secured, safer, convenient, revolutionary automated self-care, ethical, no upfront fee, non-deposit taking direct lending platform in phases (three phases remaining). Fully compliant with AML and KYC regulations.

ALL Business Loans have been moved to GHStartups.com (a sister company). GHStartups.com provides loans to all kinds of businesses, be it large or small and not necessarily startups alone. All Rent Loans have also been moved to RentNowPayLater.net and RentToBuyGhana.com. All Construction Loans have been moved to Build Now Pay Later. All Auto Loans have been moved to Glostar Motors.

ALL Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Loans (incl interest-free and interest-bearing) have been moved to DCANS Pay (a sister company).

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