Why Choose Us

Passionate about a no-nonsense approach to credit, we will never use clever marketing and fake accolades (as evident in recent August 2017/ March/August 2018 Ghana's bank collapses). We strive to make access to cheaper, reliable credit extremely easy -- We’re awesome for plenty of reasons - but here are just a few:


1. Who We are

 We are an internet-first direct lender with little physical presence (but huge by loan book and funding pot), and for several years, this structure has served our customers extremely well. All prospective customers pre-qualify strictly via our website, and lending done once a one-time in-person verific


Low-Cost Approach

In line with our low rate loan policies, we rid our operations off useless inefficient costly processes. Sikamaster Loans is currently managed/run by less than four(4) persons - It may rise in the course of our growth and new business lines, due to our expansion drive but may never cross ten(10) full-time staff. Cost-savings return to our loyal customers in the form of cheaper, faster, bigger and long-dated loans.



Business startup loans or equity are virtually non-existent on the Ghanaian market. Most lenders shy away from this sector because success usually comes slowly, and cash will burn fast. We give credibility by being the sole lender with GHStartups.com



Business startup loans or equity are uniquely available for campus-based businesses or other business types owned by students in any tertiary institution - review our part-time business loans and graduate business loans. All student-friendly financing options are channeled through GHStartups.com.



2. How We Operate

Structured to offer quick service with optimum satisfaction for target customers.


24/7 Operations

No opening or closing time. You can apply for a loan at anytime from anywhere, and you can be funded at anytime - be it at 2am on a Sunday, or an early March 6th urgent need for cash.


Non-Deposit Taking

We are not a deposit-taking lender and you will never be required to save any money with us before taking a loan. We concentrate all our efforts and resources in growing and fine-tuning our adequate in-house capital sources than chasing expensive customer deposits.


In-house Loan Orgination & Servicing

Everything done in-house.


Better Customer Experience

To the genuine borrower, they're excited about our customer care. But to the unqualified person/'business', or even fraudsters we make them feel frustrated.


Online Safe Application

All loan applications are completed online, on this website. No useless bulky paperwork to download, complete and scan back to us.


No Talkshop - No Time Wasters

We won't waste your time and we don't expect you to also waste ours -- That is why we provide all the information you need to get a loan from us on this website, so you don't waste your time making an incomplete loan application and only to be refused.

No useless pre-application meeting(s), no long talk, no needless phonecalls, no talk shop, no mere talkers, no time-wasters, no paper forms, no upfront fees, no deposit or prior savings with us required. Choose us for our straight talking, no-nonsense direct lending. You're guaranteed a number of reasons to smile.

If you're all talk, but no action, this service is not for you.


No Collateral

Not all our loans require a collateral - But if your loan requires one, Any property used as security, which may include your home or pensions and/or business assets, may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a loan or any other debts secured on it. Our Repayment Assistance Programme is, however, available to qualified borrowers only.



3. Easy Access to Cash, Quickly

Since we understand that your need might be urgent, we have designed a fast application and guaranteed approval process. All you need is just 10 minutes to apply for a loan through our website. You only need to provide simple personal information and simply upload any documents via our secured website.


Fast Processing

We quickly process your loan application after receiving fully completed online loan application form with any applicable supporting documents.


Quick Disbursement

If loan is approved, it takes less than 15 minutes for cash to reach your bank account or alternative payment wallet


Bank Account

All loans are initially disbursed to a bank account in then name(s) of the finance applicant only and not third-parties.



4. Financing

Competitive lending platform. Advantages of scale in terms of access to capital, technology and best practice remain one of foremoost edge in the credit market.


Innovative Loan Products

Undoubtedly a lead direct lender with varied loan products across many sectors and industries - Over 60 different types of loans on this platform alone.


Non-Discriminatory Lending

Sikamaster Loans is an Equal Opportunity Lender (EOL). We do not discriminate against borrowers on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, lender's underwriting practices, receipt of public assistance funds or the exercise of any right under the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana - all within the framework of our lending rights and responding lending practices.


Integrated Lending

Our truly one-stop direct lending solutions over a wide spectrum is the envy of most competitors and copycats.


Equity Financing

We provide different equity financing options, aside our mainstream debt financing.



5. For Businesses & Location

We fund both physically-located and online-only businesses.


Web Presence Over Physical Location

As a forward-thinking direct lender, we put premium on you having a functional/effective web presence than rushing to rent a plush rental space, with even no working capital to deliver effectively on your products and/or service. You can be operating from your house, garage, kitchen table or car boot and still get a loan from us, so long as you have a web presence (website).

That does not mean physical presence s not relevant, but is it really vital to your business operations without throwing your business finances overboard.  


Shop Office Warehouse Space

For existing clients who need physical space, your history with us can make you get one of the most flexible rent/lease agreement for your business with DCANS Properties.



6. Fees, Charges & Other Costs

Low fees, No Hidden Charges, Transparent loan pricing.


No Upfront Fees

No requirement for you to pay us to secure a loan. Note that, if you need to provide a supporting document or requirement to satisfy a loan you are applying for, you may incur costs with a third-party, which may include without limitation: setting up a website for your business, paying an intermediary or broker to apply on your behalf or prepare a business plan for you to support your application.



7. Confidentiality & Data Safety

We are extremely sensitive to the need for privacy and hence treat your data with the utmost confidentiality. We are a direct lender, and not a broker or middle man. We work in strict confidence to manage the right team of experts for each borrower, in order to maximize their loan prospects while minimizing risks.

Your data is safe with our 256 Bit Security. We treat your data as if it were our own, and we're on guard 24/7 to keep your information safe. Learn more.


8. Business Continuity and Transition Plans

Our unique architecture makes provision for continuous operations, alongside our crisis simulation models.

Regulatory Compliance


Sikamaster (SML), is a 24/7*365 well-capitalised internet first, forward-thinking, safe, robust, resilient, smart & responsible direct lender for the working class (we don't lend to the unemployed). SML is not; a microfinance institution, and neither a savings & loans company or a Specialised Deposit-taking Institution (SDI) of any form, kind or type. SML does not seek and/or accept outside capital. SML does not charge any upfront fees before lending.

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) does not regulate some forms of no upfront fee non-deposit taking financial services, buy to lets, seller financing, commercial mortgages, secured loans, unsecured loans, earned wage access or workplace loan schemes, buy now pay later products, bridging loans, trusts, overseas mortgages, and conveyancing or debt management.

Our loans are strictly for existing customers of The TDG Ecosystem (including employees of existing business customers of GhanaStartups.org, existing tenants of RentNowPayLater.net and all Private-Sector Salaried Workers recruited via TDG Jobs Ghana platform). Our Home Mortgages can only be used to buy from or through DCANS Properties.

All Business Loans have been moved to GhanaStartups.org (a sister company). GhanaStartups.org provides loans to all kinds of businesses, be it large or small and not necessarily startups alone. All Construction Loans have been moved to Build Now Pay Later. All Auto Loans have been moved to Glostar Motors.

All Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Loans (incl interest-free and interest-bearing) have been moved to DCANS Pay (a sister company).

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