Charitable Giving

Sikamaster Loans seeks to play a responsible, proactive role in supporting Ghanaian charity organisations and people in need.

Sikamaster Loans understands its privileged position as part of the Ghanaian business community and launched its Samaritans For Humanity (SFH) charity to give back to the community and support Ghanaian charities.

The aim of the Samaritans For Humanity (SFH) charity is to give financial support to a variety of charity organisations whose common goal is to better the quality of life in Ghana and abroad. We are committed to the ongoing support of groups including:


• Health care

• Medical Sciences

• Cancer Research

• Education

• Social Justice


We also consider donation and volunteering requests that facilitate worthy causes. Requests for donations must be submitted on your organisation's letterhead at least eight weeks prior to the date needed and will be reviewed on a monthly basis by Sikamaster Loans' Charity Committee. No fee required ever. Please do not call us. You will be notified of our decision via email or phone call.


Please include the following information in your request:

- Organisation name

- Address

- Contact person's name, address, email address, and phone number

- Contribution request (cash amount, and/or specific product)

- Explanation of how the contribution will be used

- The approximate number of people it will benefit

- Timeline


Please email request to:



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