Rent Advance Loans

a.k.a. Rent Advance Loans / Rental Deposit Loans


While renting a house for the first time or renting better house, the biggest worry is to arrange rental deposit or rent advance. The quantum of rental deposit amount varies city to city. In a city like Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Takoradi, Koforidua, rental deposit amount will be 12 to 36 months rent. Whatever will be the amount, we will stand by you. Get hassle-free rental deposit loan from us and get going in renting your dream house. Large rises in house prices driven by a rising population and a slowing of new house builds means people are delaying jumping onto the housing ladder or not jumping on at all. More of us are waiting to buy and, for some of us, lifetime renting, similar to the markets in developed countries, is probable.

For Ghana's growing tenant population rent advance loans provide a simple solution to ineligibility for secured credit. Personal loans for tenants are essentially an unsecured loan i.e. you don’t need an asset, such as a property, in order to apply for one. It’s important to choose a loan amount, and a repayment term, that work with your other monthly financial commitments.



• Our Tenant Loans are for renting any of the residential properties with DCANS Properties (a sister company) only

• Our Tenant Loans are available for all rental properties listed by our in-house property provider, DCANS Properties (including even off-plan rentals) across the seven(7) regions of Ghana covered -- four regions active now.

• Tenant loans available to government workers and well-run private company employees, or startup business borrowers with an existing business loan with us.

• Competitive interest rates. (3% interest per month, 5% processing fee)

• You can choose the repayment term that suits you (between 1 and 2 years)

• You can borrow the amount you need from ghs500 up to ghs50,000

• Monthly rent cannot exceed 40% of borrower's net salary.

• Prospective borrowers can borrow up to 80% of rent advance or rent payments, subject to threshold conditions. Note: Borrower must be able to provide at least 3 months of rent for the rental property in question

• Our Tenant loans are not paid out to borrowers directly, but paid to DCANS Properties on the borrower's behalf, to cater for your rent payments or advance.

• Rental payments can be converted into a home mortgage via DCANS Properties' rent to own option.




All salaried employees and qualified business owners can get a loan from us....


Age The borrower’s minimum age should be 21 and maximum should be 55 Income Minimum Net Monthly Income should be over ghs500Bank Default Must have no record of loan/credit card defaults after Jan 2014Employment Type Only salaried individuals and qualified business owners are eligible to apply for a loanStay Type The borrower should be staying with family or friends Locations Resident of Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Koforidua• You must either be a Ghanaian Government Worker or Qualified Private Employee working in Ghana or a Business Owner

• A steady income and an assessment of affordability




- Fast Approval

With the help of digital automation, we have made our loan approval process much faster compared to any bank. We are continuously improving to provide you instant loans. Apply now to give it a try.


- Flexible Interest Rates

We do not have rigid interest rates. Interest rates are linked to the borrower’s credit score calculated through our internal credit rating process. A better DCANS score ensures a lesser rate of interest for the borrower.


- Easy Processing

Our user friendly and tech enabled platform ensures that getting your loan approved is simply a few clicks away. Do not go by our words, try our platform to fulfill your loan needs. Start applying for your loan now!



How to apply

• Kindly apply via the application page.

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