Salary Loans: Public Sector (CAGD)

a.k.a. Payday Loans, Payroll Loans, Salary Advance, Controller Loans

Salaried individuals whose salaries are processed by the Controller & Accountants' General's Department. The applicant must be 21 years and above at the time of loan application and 60 years or less at the time of loan maturity.

Can be used for medical emergencies, bills payment to personal consumption, whatever your goal, Sikamaster Salary Loans helps you fulfill your financial obligations allowing you to borrow with ease - This facility enables you to take care of your immediate needs and transfer the burden of waiting for your salary to us.



• No upfront fees ever. Processing fee only deducted or added to loan at disbursements and never upfront.

• 24/7 access to apply: No banking calls, no queues, no needless phonecalls

• 24/7 availability to receive and repay your loan.

• Borrow loans ranging from GHs100 to GHs5,000 (the maximum amount applicable is 100% of net salary)

• Stress free credit facility that does not need paper work or collateral before it can be disbursed

• Competitive interest rates: 1.85% to 8.00% per month.

• Maximum repayment period is 30 days

• Payment mode: Monthly Amortisation (Principal plus Interest)



• You build loyalty points after each loan repayment, that gives you access to vital unmatched industry-beating offers

• Loan can be upgrade to a personal loan or any of our home loans

• Acquire free private health insurance with both local and international coverage. Threshold conditions may apply.




• Must have a Staff ID and Mandate Number and/or have a valid login details for

• One(1) Passport Photo

• Valid Salary Bank Account (which must be a current bank account) with any of the 23 BoG-regulated banks



Repayment & Collections

We allow multiple repayment options for your loan. You can back back your loan either via Controller Deductions, Direct Bank Debit, Post-dated Cheques or Mobile Payments. Different lending rates apply depending on your chosen loan repayment options as indicated during the application process. Details provided below.

If repaying via >>
Lending rates >>
 3% plus 1-8% per month
Direct Bank Debit
 0-8% per month
Post-dated Cheques
 0-7% per month
 Mobile Money Payment
 0-5% per month


• If repaying via the Controller & Accountants General's Department's platform, at source the interest rate on your loan is obviously going to be higher because of the inherent 3% charged by CAGD for deducting your repaying at source for us.

• Direct debit repayment / Bank Transfers

- currently restricted to salaried workers who also renting or owning a DCANSProperty, but also available for early repayments)


• Post-dated Cheque repayment

- mostly used at the moment


• Mobile Money Payment

- currently restricted to salaried workers who also renting or owning a DCANSProperty, but also available for early repayments)


Fee, Charges & Rates

No upfront fees applies. A one-time fee of 5% is deducted from disbursed funds. Current rates stand at 6.9% per month (offer-qualified persons can borrow at 1.85% per month). See below...

 How it works

Assuming you borrow GHs100, the table below gives you the breakdown...

Upfront Fees
Amount Borrowed
Fees & Charges
Disbursed Amount
Interest rate (6.90%)
Amount to be repaid


How to apply

Returning borrowers can simply login and complete the online application form here, for this type of loan.



It usually takes 30 days for first-time borrowers to receive funding if loan is approved and less than an an hour (if not instant) for existing or returning borrowers.

If you qualify for the salary loan, an agent of ours will visit you at your place of work (as indicated on your payslip), and do a one-time free physical verification, after which the approved funds will be disbursed immediately to your salary bank account after the backoffice receives your verification file from our agent (almost uploaded to us immediately whilst they're with you). Post-dated cheques equal to repayment amount (principle + interest) drawn on the same salary bank account we disbursed the loan funds to, are handed over to our agent after you have confirmed funds in your bank account.

Note: There is no upfront loan application fee required before you can borrow from us - You just need to qualify.

We do not do physical verification for returning borrowers, unless absolutely necessary.



Kindly see here for answers to your questions.


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