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Sikamaster encourages our customers to report any possible telephone tech support scams. To find out more about how these scams work and how to protect yourself, scroll below....

For the past several years, we’ve highlighted to customers the technical support scams plaguing companies around the world, including in the Finance industry. These scams are not new. Fraudsters continue to design ways — from fake websites to phishing emails— to steal personal information for criminal purposes.

One such scam affecting Sikamaster and other well-known companies — the telephone loan support scam — is becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to distinguish from legitimate lending support calls. In this scam, individuals claiming to work for Sikamaster make unsolicited calls to customers and insist there is a problem with their Sikamaster Loan product. They ultimately try to defraud customers by pressuring them to pay to fix the issue.

Our thanks to those who have alerted us that they have been contacted by scammers. This information has been invaluable to Sikamaster Loans in helping us investigate these scams. We’re also working alongside our industry peers and law enforcement to aggressively address this issue.

So, what’s the result? We know that sharing information on these scams has led to positive developments. Scammer websites and social media accounts have been shut down, fraudulent phone numbers closed, their participants prosecuted/handed over to the police, and suspect internet addresses blocked from accessing our website. However, these scams continue to operate. When we see one successfully shut down, another sprouts up at an alarming rate.

As we’ve said before, the best protection from these scams is to hang up immediately if you receive a suspicious call. Here are Sikamaster’s top five tips to help you avoid being scammed:

     1. Hang up! If an unsolicited caller pressures you to act quickly and give up sensitive personal and financial information to fix an issue and/or engages in threatening, aggressive behavior, that’s a sign of a scam.

     2. Never hand over your financial information to unsolicited callers who try to charge you to fix an issue for you, even if they have specific information about your loan application or account records with us.

     3. Never pay for your loan with any type of gift card or by wiring funds to accounts to what we have as repayment options here. Sikamaster will never ask you for these forms of payment.

     4. Never visit unverified websites and never download and install software that unsolicited callers try directing you to.



The battle to protect customers from these fraudsters is ongoing. As long as these scams continue to happen, we’ll continue to fight on your behalf.

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