Acceptable Collateral

"There is no art to find the mind's construction in the face".... No Fear Shakespeare - Macbeth (Act I, Scene 4).


The loan doesn’t need to be 100 % collateralized, but it will be easier to get the loan the more business and/or personal collateral you bring to the table. Not all our loans require you to provide a collateral (as will be stated in the loan type you are applying for), but if required to do so, any of the following may be acceptable:

A. Intangible Assets

i. Company / Business / Organisation website or cloud-hosted solutions

ii. Shares and Bonds


B. Tangible Assets (Physical)

• Commercial Investment properties

• School Buildings

• Hotels / Guest houses

• Pubs / Restaurants / Franchises

• Factories & Warehouses

• Farms/farm land (registered in borrower or guarantor's name)

• Land with/without building permit (registered in borrower or guarantor's name)

• Residential property & property portfolios

• Any Leisure Property

• Owner occupied (Industrial Units, Offices, Retail Shops, Hospitals/Clinics, Other Professional Practices, Business Premises, Private schools)

• Any personal goods such as but not limited to any of the following, that is of any value above the loan amount being requested - computers, phones, household appliances, etc

• Accounts Receivables

• Inventory


Unacceptable Collateral

• Mere talk

• Moral Collateral


Note: Not all our loans require you to provide a collateral, but we are unable to lend without a collateral if your loan type requires one and you don't provide it. And collateral must be registered with the Bank of Ghana's Collateral Registry System.



• All collateral must be backed with valid proof of ownership before it can be accepted to lend against.

• All collateral, except immovable ones and commercial vehicles with assignable claim rights to us, will be in our possession as a condition for any disbursement.

Regulatory Compliance


Sikamaster (SML), is a 24/7*365 well-capitalised internet first, forward-thinking, safe, robust, resilient, smart & responsible direct lender for the working class (we don't lend to the unemployed). SML is not; a microfinance institution, and neither a savings & loans company or a Specialised Deposit-taking Institution (SDI) of any form, kind or type. SML does not seek and/or accept outside capital. SML does not charge any upfront fees before lending.

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) does not regulate some forms of no upfront fee non-deposit taking financial services, buy to lets, seller financing, commercial mortgages, secured loans, unsecured loans, earned wage access or workplace loan schemes, buy now pay later products, bridging loans, trusts, overseas mortgages, and conveyancing or debt management.

Our loans are strictly for existing customers of The TDG Ecosystem (including employees of existing business customers of, existing tenants of and all Private-Sector Salaried Workers recruited via TDG Jobs Ghana platform). Our Home Mortgages can only be used to buy from or through DCANS Properties.

All Business Loans have been moved to (a sister company). provides loans to all kinds of businesses, be it large or small and not necessarily startups alone. All Construction Loans have been moved to Build Now Pay Later. All Auto Loans have been moved to Glostar Motors.

All Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Loans (incl interest-free and interest-bearing) have been moved to DCANS Pay (a sister company).

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